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Solutions for industrial process management

Advanced Process Analytics Suite

Advanced platform for analysis of process data from production installations. The new solution combines extensive engineering knowledge of the company's experts with modern solutions in the field of BIG DATA analysis.

Managing the industrial process

Process Engineering

Industrial installation is a complex system in which there is a network of dependencies - also indirect. They influence product quality, process efficiency and costs. It is important to know the types on problems at the installation.

Industrial installation

Big Data analysis

Big Data is a set of data of large volume, diversity, variability and value. The purpose of accessing and processing these data is to support decision-making processes, discovering new phenomena and optimizing processes.

Big Data analysis

The newest implementations


Nothing published so far.


Construction and implementation of a predictive industrial risk management system.


Comprehensive support in the process of building a business continuity strategy in line with the standard.


Chemical analysis of sediments in industrial installations. Predictive care of the industry installation.


Modelling of industrial operating processes through laboratory scale experiments.